The Odyssey of Sci-Fi: Yesteryear's Future

In a galaxy not so far away (namely, here), a teen sat riveted by the TV series, Cosmos. Fast forward a few years, add a pinch of graduate school, and a class titled "Science Fiction and American Culture", and voilĂ ! A stellar mega-project took root in the vast cosmos of her mind.

While many have aimed to depict the history of science fiction, few have truly captured its essence. Most seemed content with a dazzling display of movie and TV clips. Not this endeavor. Sure, literature has narrated the genesis of the genre, but science fiction? It's boundless, going beyond the confines of paper. So, what is Yesteryear's Future?

Mother with kids watching movie
  • Picture Cosmos on a friendly rendezvous with Walking with Dinosaurs, but for sci-fi fans.
  • Envision a nine-ish-part TV documentary, with an accompanying book, DVD, and website, tracing the genre's epic journey from its cradle to its current day stature.
  • Above all, it's the galaxy where my heart and soul reside.

Given the sheer magnitude of this venture, it's on a slow but steady trajectory towards realization. There have been hiccups—challenges, a couple of hacked websites, but fear not! A fresh portal will eventually emerge, giving you front row seats to its evolution and eventual big bang.

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About the Cosmic Voyager and Author

Carma Spence, an indomitable explorer of the sci-fi realm since her formative years, was first initiated into this universe by the literary legends, Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury. The trajectory was set and there was no turning back.

An accoladed author, articulate writer, adept editor, and an eloquent speaker, Carma has an illustrious collection of five books to her name. Public Speaking Super Powers is one of her stars, clinching three awards and making waves on Kindle. Furthermore, her insights grace the pages of several international bestsellers.

Yesteryear's Future is the beacon that shines bright, a project propelled by the inspiration from a transformative class in graduate school. 

Mother with kids watching movie